`Smoky Topaz Drop Earring With Pyrite Chips

A lovelly faceted Smoky Topaz stone is surrpounded with tiny sparkling pyrite chips. The top stone is hematiteThe earring is.two inches long. It has surgical steel hooks. There are little pyrite chips surrounding the stones.


Shipped USPS free in a festive mailer. Earrings are in a black organdy puch with ribbon. Use coupon Winter123 for extra 20% off. Earring will be

$19,60 including shipping.



























































































































































































Skokey topaz earring is combined with hematite to make a very sophisticated earring that looks like it could cost quite a bit more. Check out topaz jewelry online and you will see that this is a bargain. Make with silver,

it has a handmade quality that is so popular right now. Earring is 1 1/4 inches long.


USE COUPON CODE  Winter123 at checkout to get 20% off. The final cost of the earring is $19.60. Mailed out first class same day in a secure mailer. A festive organdy pouch and ribbon is enclosed. Use Paypal or Wix at secure checkout screeded by McAffee Security.









`Smoky Topaz Drop Earring With Pyrite Chips

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