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A Walk Through the Montauk Historical Society Craft Show, Summer 2021.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Off to Montauk for craft show.

It was Sunday, August 15, 2021. I set off to see the Montauk Crafts Show, an art show set up at the Second House Museum, --and then a visit to the wonderful Fort Pond Native Plants Nursery -- A mom and her son head to the Crafts Show.


First stop was the Crafts Show at Kirk Park

Frankly, I have seen more booths pre Covid, but there were enough booths and people to create a festive, happy atmosphere

Then to the General Store near Kirk Park for lemonade.- on the way to the serene surroundings at Fort Pond Nursery..

Stopped to view a table of Montauk Indian artifacts set up on the deck of the Montauk Indian Museum at Kirk Park. Great little museum worth a visit. Montauk Craft Show in back round.

Walked down the sidewalk back to Main Street and passed John's Drive In. Admired bike. Taking a motorcycle trip to Montauk is a timeless tradition.

No time to stop.

On to Fort Pond Native Plants , behind Main Street ,and a quick hello to owner Mary Russell. Got permission to take some pictures using their wonderful rustic bleached beach wood. display in front of the nursery.

The jewelry is from my website

http://www.aimeescloset.net/bracelets Turquoise and leather from a Texas supplier.

http://www.aimeescloset.net/necklaces. Yes, i carried the jewelry in a "Kate Spade"frozen food bag! -Extra padding.- Big bold rustic jewelry pieces from the web site. The beauty of natural stones shines through.

It was a great visit to Montauk. I plan to return soon. Great for the spirit.

Crafts Show Booth. An interested gal views the booth..I wanted to check out a good way to set up a display.

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