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How I Select Jewelry

There are many channels available to select jewelry. Fortunately, I have been researching jewelry for my business for a while, 1985 to be exact. But I was one of the first to recognize the importance of indigenous jewelry, how a group or country use jewelry to express their way of life. So, having lived on the Indian Subcontinent for 5 years, helping to establish the first the Pakistani Folklore Institute in Islamabad , which went about collecting Tribal traditional resources in jewelry, fabrics and housewares before they disappeared. I collected and categorized hundreds of items. Many pieces of jewelry came through. It was a wonderful experience, and frankly sharpened my eye.

I used that knowledge when we opened our first stores in the Hamptons, a place still filled with artists, adventurous travelers, tourists and even our regional American Indian tribe, the Shinnecock.

What does all this have to do with the collection in my digital store? Well, I combine that knowledge with an eye honed with dealing with a diverse customer base, many of whom are still following me, to explore resources that I think would appeal to them .

I follow some of my trusted sources which turn out very fine silver work from Bali, interesting pieces from India, a wonderful creative young woman who has delightful pieces made in Guatemala, the best of American Southwest jewelry, and I stir it all into the mix you find on our website. It is a collection.

I only still buy one of a kind, as if you walked into my store, to give you the best choice. Not the way to make a lot of money, but I always wanted to deal with individuals.

And last of all, I am unleashed to make my own pieces with wonderful natural gem stones from far away places. Yes, I believe that gemstones have healing properties, having been convinced while living in Pakistan. So I try to keep that in mind while I bead.

So enjoy the mix and know that this is a very human, eclectic, whimsical attempt at a personal site. I hope you find a piece that calls out to you to buy it!

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