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At the Coterie Show, Javits Center, NY on the Hunt For New Jewelry trends

A favorite jewelry haunt of mine is the Coterie Show in New York, where instant satisfaction is rendered at the Fame to Go part of the Coterie Show.

You can march to the back of the Fame Show and take home some very good jewelry noting all the most recent trends -and it is fun.

Jewelry lines from all over the country descend, and some of the most popular are almost mobbed. Lines come from California, Texas and New York. They represent designers in the states and foreign gemstone suppliers. Everything from Los Angeles glam to Tibetan tribal.

In other words, it is quite a mixture of sterling, fashion jewelry, tribal, exotic and everyday.

Checking out from one of my favorite suppliers. Supporting the Dalai Lama.

Kindly see the pieces i selected this September for our web site. aimeescloset.net.

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